Canberra legal firm campaign highlights businesses behaving charitably

United Legal Canberra is raising awareness and much needed funds to help autistic children live full and exciting lives in an advertising campaign starring Canberra Raider Josh Papalii developed by Channel Marketing Creative.

As a lawyer, United Legal director Peter Glover felt his firm was in unique situation to give back to the community and highlight April as World Autism Awareness month: “We decided to put a simple plan in place for our clients to donate to the Ricky Stuart Foundation and RSPCA after we saw that other families needed support. We felt a television campaign was the best way to convey this message.”

The television campaign sees Papalii, alongside Glover and his son Juan, who has autism and is playing with his assistance dog.

A further two TVCs in the campaign also feature actress Kirby Burgess delivering the messages of Better Results and Focus.

Melissa Love, director, Channel Marketing Creative said we compare the game of law with the game of Rugby League. United Legal are there to win for our clients with great strategy.

Says Love: “We wanted to engage with real people and portray United Legal as an approachable, down to earth law firm that the people can really talk to. We reinforce their position in the community with ethical marketing as a way to support the brand.”

The campaign includes the firm’s tagline: ‘you’ll see why small and different is so much better.” United Legal is running the campaign across three 30 sec and three, 15 sec TVCs across all networks in the ACT, social media and print.

Client: United Legal
Media and production agency: Channel Marketing Creative