You know how – Small businesses don’t have access to a large marketing department

Well what we do is – Provide you with professional solutions when you need them

In fact – We have over 20 years national and international marketing experience

How it all started

I started CMC 5 years ago and I’ll never forget working from my laptop floating around the Caribbean thinking ‘am I really doing this?’. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, dinner conversations were all about business, so I get to live, sleep and breathe small business. I started a marketing firm with the intention to help people like my mum and dad market their business like the big guys, but on a smaller budget.

“My motto in life is don’t be afraid, go for it, it’s those big moves that make you grow!”

Channel Marketing Director, Melissa Love

Professional & Educational Accomplishments

Starting with a business degree in Hotel Management, I soon moved into Public Relations and Marketing. I worked for Ayers Rock Resort on location and in Sydney. I worked in London for the Millenial Group. For Advertising Agencies in LA and New York representing Qantas, The NT Tourism Commission, Contiki, Rio de Janeiro, South African Tourism and The Australian Tourism Commission for the Americas.

I have spent a lot of time in media buying, particularly television, and I have been working directly with small businesses for over 15 years. Since the initial establishment of CMC,  our team has been pushing out award winning content and campaigns and established new offices in Canberra, Sydney and the South Coast.

From the director

A bit of personal information about me

When I turned 40 I had a bit of a mid life crisis, so I did what any normal person would do. I bought a 42ft yacht and moved to the Caribbean for 7 months and went sailing and kiteboarding with my ex and 2 children.

It’s not quite that simple but it was the shift I needed to realise what was important in life. I love to be in or on the ocean, surfing, sailing or kiteboarding. My teenage children, and ginger cat. I have a beautiful group of friends, work colleagues and family that I love, sometimes they intertwine.

Thanks for reading my bio, if you would like to get in touch, ask a question or leave a comment I would love to hear from you.

Why choose us

Why should businesses use Channel Marketing Creative?

Each time a small business begins, the business owners often focus on raising brand awareness to attract their first customers. Working with Channel Marketing Creative can help your business achieve all your goals and tap your intended market.

They could exert their efforts on traditional marketing methods like advertising on various media platforms like TV, radio, or print. They can also jump into the digital bandwagon and invest in digital marketing. But if you are running the business, doing it by yourself can be extra challenging. It can take up a lot of your precious time, especially if you need to concentrate on the operations.

For this reason, working with Channel Marketing Creative can help your business achieve all your goals and tap your intended market.

Why advertising is important for business?

Since time immemorial, merchants and business owners have understood why advertising is good for their operations. It allows them to sell their products to their target market and compete with the other businesses in their niche for the buyers’ attention.

Whether your business provides essential or luxury goods or services, you need to rely on marketing firms like Channel Marketing Creative to ensure that you will have a strong commitment to promote your brand and see how advertising works.

How advertising helps in marketing?

Since small business owners usually have a limited budget to spend on marketing efforts, it is natural to ask how advertising helps in business. But you will easily notice that ads are literally everywhere.

You can see tons of advertising materials once you turn on the TV, walk on the streets, or browse online. These ads would try to capture your attention and make you want to spend on these products.

If you have a business, you would want your ads to have the same effect on your target audience. Unfortunately, without the help of marketing experts like Channel Marketing Creative, your ads may appear annoying. But when the experts help you come up with the best marketing plan, you no longer need to doubt the ability of this marketing strategy.

Can advertising create product demand?

Absolutely. Advertising strategies have the capacity to increase and decrease the demand for the items that you sell or the services that you offer. Asking the question, “Can advertising be capitalized by your brand?” will give you a resoundingly affirmative answer.

The marketing consultant you hire to help you achieve your goals will help target the right audience and provide the best strategies to grab your market’s attention.

How advertising agencies work?

If you want to know what advertising agency is ideal for your small business, you need to understand how these agencies exactly work.

Agencies like Channel Marketing Creative work with their clients to devise, enforce, and evaluate the success of the marketing campaigns. These experts may also take care of overseeing the sales promotions and other branding strategies for your brand.

Some of the most key services provided by advertising agencies include:

Creative Services
One of the ways how advertising affects customer behavior is through the agency’s creative services. It includes copywriting and visual design tasks. The agency will develop campaigns that will suit the client’s goals, needs, and audience and then move forward to implement the project they designed.

Account Planning
This is the responsibility of the advertising agency that handles the market research to determine the needs and goals of the business. It also helps them understand the strategies of the client’s competitors to know what works or what does not work for the market.

Media Planning and Buying
It is the task of advertising agencies to research and evaluate the right media platform that works best for every advertising campaign.

It will let the clients know when advertising on search engines will work or when advertising using SEM will become effective. The clients will also know when advertising internationally could be the best choice for the business to ensure that every cent spent will not go to waste.

Client Servicing
This service provides the main liaison between the creative services department of the agency and the clients. They work with the clients to fully understand their goals and preferences to achieve them properly.

Where is advertising most effective?

If you work with a trustworthy firm like Channel Marketing Creative, you will be able to take advantage of effective advertising strategies to help your small business. Some of the most common types of effective advertising methods include:

Google Ads
The marketing service provider can develop a Google Ads strategy that lets you come up with catchy online ads that can reach your target market each time they surf the Internet. It involves pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement strategies requiring you to pay the search engine giant each time a visitor clicks on your ad page.

Social Media Ads
One of the most obvious indicators showing how advertising has change can be seen on social media ads. It uses various social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach the target market for product, service, or brand promotion.

Email Marketing
Sending customized emails to the leads can be one of the most effective ways to convert prospective clients into paying customers. It also helps retain brand awareness to your loyal customers since they will be constantly updated about your business’s latest offerings and promos.

Are advertising costs expensive?

Since small businesses usually have a limited working budget, it is understandable to worry about how advertising can add up to your expenses. However, some full-service advertising agencies like Channel Marketing Creative do not collect additional charges once you sign up for their services since they get some commission through different platforms like TV, radio, newspaper, and digital marketing.

You might wonder, are advertising costs fixed or variable expenses for your business. But if you let a credible advertising company handle your advertising budget, you will be able to strategically plan your spending. Since this marketing strategy is necessary for any business, you may consider it a fixed cost.

Are advertising costs tax deductible?

Some of the perks that Australian small businesses can enjoy from the government include tax deductions. Fortunately, the Australian Tax Office considers marketing and advertising expenses tax-deductible costs. The deductions include payments for your marketing consultant and social media campaign expenses.

After learning about the perks that your small business can get from advertising your brands, it will not be difficult for you to decide to work with the best advertising consultant who can handle your brand properly.

These experts will assure you that advertising will never die, no matter the current situation. They will also help you determine the right strategies for which advertising is most effective to help you maximize your marketing strategies. So, it would be best to work with a reliable agency like Channel Marketing Creative to achieve your business goal.