TV Commercial and Video Production

The few seconds of a video you are using to promote your business can be the difference between profit and loss. We make TV Commercials to be used for Television and other digital mediums such as websites and social media.

The purpose of a commercial is to entertain, educate, persuade and convert. Our talented artists bring brands to life.

Television and Media Buying

We specialise in TV and Radio Advertising Campaigns for Regional and Metro areas Australia wide.

We conduct daily research and monitoring of optimal program scheduling and pricing for maximum reach and impact.

Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising allows advertisers to enjoy extended engagement with audiences. People are spending more and more time out of their homes while they are working, shopping or socialising. Be bold and be seen.

CMC loves using smart creative to make that big impression.

From Billboards to Busses outdoor media is a cost efficient way to advertise and connect with customers.

Results-Driven Websites

Now more than ever, a strong online presence is essential. And that presence begins with a stunning, functional website that keeps site visitors on the page and converts them into customers.

Our websites combine the skills of web designers and developers, as well as content strategists, to deliver beautiful websites that resonate with both users and Google.

Whether you need an ecommerce website, a custom website or a small business website, we deliver a high-performance product that will increase your visibility online and help you achieve your marketing goals.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Campaigns

Digital Marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that use an electronic device or the internet. Utilising channels such as search engines, social media, email, and other websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

Digital Marketing helps you reach a larger audience, target prospects and enables you to measure success on a daily basis and modify as you see fit.

Context is: How, When and Why we deliver content, we ask who is your audience, what channels should you be on and what format should you use.
What we do: Google Ads, Video Ads, Mobile Ads, Native Ads – PR and Advertorial, Audio Ads, Blogging, Content, Influencer Marketing.
Where we do it: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Websites, Affiliates, Publishers, TV, Out of Home.

When it comes to Digital Marketing, our digital solutions deliver true measurable results for our clients. By making this a primary focus of our Digital Marketing strategies, we ensure continued growth and success for your business.

Strategic Development

Brand Strategy is the legwork that needs to be done in order to build the most efficient deliverables, logo website, marketing copy that resonates with your audience and sets you apart from your competitors.

Brand Strategy will help you clarify why you exist in addition to what you do and how you do it. Clarify your vision, Gather and analyse information, formulate a strategy, implement your strategy, evaluate and control.

By knowing who you are, who your best customer is and understanding what the customer really cares about you can create a much more targeted and valuable marketing plan. Our reports require a lot of research on your business, your competitors and your clients. Creating an overall better well structured plan.

Public Relations, Influencers and Copywriters

PR can be used to protect , enhance and build reputations through the media, social media or in-house communication.

A good PR Agency will study the business, find the positive messages & translate those into positive stories using a copywriter.

Influencers can be used to relate to a certain target market, are a trusted voice, are engaging and they influence!

Client Testimonials

What people say about us

“Melissa and her team created and executed an exceptional tv advertising campaign for our business, from concept to implementation. The end result was an incredibly professional representation of our brand which has resulted in a huge increase in business sales [+ 38%] and increased awareness. I received great service, and as an added bonus I totally feel like a TV star as people approach me in the street as a result of seeing our campaign!”

– Andy, Platinum Awnings and Blinds

“I thoroughly enjoy working with Channel Marketing Creative on TV campaigns for Village Centre and Bridge Plaza. From planning to implementation, to evaluation, Mel backs up her recommendations with facts and analysis. Her knowledge and experience mean I can have faith that my marketing investment will reap rewards. Best of all, dealing with just one person for booking space at all of the TV channels saves me time and effort but doesn’t cost me extra.”

– Natalie, Village Centre & Bridge Plaza

“We decided to promote our business through TV marketing and sought the very knowledgeable Mel Love from Channel Marketing Creative. Mel’s previous experience in the marketing sector is second to none and all we had to do was sit back and enjoy our ads. We continually get feedback from the community about our advert and I believe it has helped our business create a bigger presence in the industry.”

– Sharon, Elders Batemans Bay