Mogo Zoo

Zoo Reaches Target Markets in Unique Ways

01 – Task

Mogo Zoo is a beautiful natural boutique Zoo on the South Coast.

The Mogo Campaign was designed to showcase the beauty of the zoo using beautiful cinematic images of the animals, interactions between people and animals and make the audience feel the good old-fashioned fun and excitement of the Zoo experience.

In the commercials we used all including children, young adults, adults, parents, grandparents and seniors. The three main commercials shot on location are all unique but convey the essence of fun and adventure.

TVC3 Expect the Unexpected – Shot as a theatrical fantasy theme based on the Lord of the Rings a family tour around the Zoo dressed in Lord of the Rings costume, with epic theatrical music coupled with sepia colour grading to evoke the feeling of a Tolkien fantasy quest. The frame cuts to the family in standard colour and cuts the music as the mum ties one scene into another “My ring, oh thanks Honey” and then promotes a Zoo activity “C’mon kids, the wild life photography course starts in 5 minutes” the kids say “Yay”, as the father shrugs and a feeling of joy is instated.

This fun theatrical piece was a light-hearted vehicle to tie-in with the release of the new Lord of the Rings film which appeals to both adults and children.

TVC 2 Get a Real Connection – The scene starts with a girl sitting on her laptop having no connection, the definitive play on words. She then investigates and finds a vine growing out of her computer, the vine leads her to delve into her own magical experience at Mogo Zoo. Uplifting music and the tag line “get a real connection at Mogo Zoo” aimed at getting kids off their computers and back into real life experiences.

TVC1 Generic – This experience style commercial pulls in viewers as it shows the variety of the client’s target market simply enjoying the Zoo. Hero shots including the white lions and feeding the giraffes work across all demographics.

TVC4 Ambassador Competition – Was a 15 second cut down with editing, encouraging kids to get their mum or dad to film them at the zoo and go in the draw to be chosen to be the next Mogo Zoo Ambassador and perhaps have their own social media channel. The strategy was to get kids to learn more about their favourite animal and deliver their research and practice their public speaking in the process. The competition ran for over 12 months. A multi-channel approach meant that the competition could be integrated into school learning programs or done simply for love of animals and the Zoo. The reward was the final position as Mogo Zoo Ambassador and lots of great prizes for each month’s winning entries.

Overall, the mission was to produce Television Commercials that created a feel-good, family experience where people could envision themselves experiencing joy. Using high end videography, creativity, actors and precision editing we brought to life an endlessly creative and impactful suite of Television and Online Commercials.

02 – Work